Cyber Security Training

Transform your workforce into cyber security heroes with our expert-led training programs

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Cyber Security Training

Transform your workforce into cyber security heroes with our expert-led training programs


An expert team of information security instructors with an industry expertise over the past several years. Unique Customized training and individual assessment are our major focus areas which helps to deliver IT security experts and meet the needs of Industry now.

--> Interactive Simulation Exercises

--> Practical Application through Live Client Projects

--> Learn from seasoned professionals

--> Case Studies and Success Stories



You'll get access to the LIVE classes interactive and demo intensive workshops on our special interactive platform.


You can enroll in separate modules or in the full program. The decision is yours.

Home-work assignments

You'll get the author's unique prework and post-work assignments for self-study

2-months program

Includes 14 modules, Pre-work assignment, Live-workshop and access to the recording, Home assignment, Final exam

Updated Knowledge

The course is packed with the newest cybersecurity findings, insights and tools.

Interactive classroom

You will be able to ask questions and engage with the experts during and after the workshop.

Application Security

The prime objective of this training is to train professionals on Serious threats and vulnerabilities associated with the web & mobile applications, which allows them to build and deploy testing processes in a secure way. Knowledge of the OWASP or SANS framework will help their organizations in testing applications to build a secure and reliable applications.

Course Content:

Why, What & How Web Application Security?

Introduction to Web Application Security

OWASP Testing Framework

Web Application Basics & Fundamentals

Information Gathering / Live Recon

Web Vulnerabilities Application Overview (OWASP Top 2017 & 2021)

Tools Introduction (Open Source & Enterprise)

Scanning & Live Testing

Secure Code Reviews / SAST

Exploitation & Pentesting (Manual & Automated)

Mitigation Strategies & Best Practices

Course Resources (Videos, PPTs & Playgrounds for Hacking)

Infrastructure Security

Security systems are improving and becoming complex, so are the hackers & hacking techniques as well. This is a scenario-based training where students are involved in compromising the systems in lab environments.

Cloud Security

The major issue in the IT industry right now is finding trained talent to manage an effective IT team. The second issue is security over the cloud as many organizations tending towards cloud. Amazon Web Services are addressing both of these needs by launching a new AWS Security certification..

Ethical Hacking

This programme is designed for ethical hacking enthusiasts, students and cyber security professionals where they will be taught how to find security loopholes and report these threats to their owners and provide mandatory solutions to protect the data , systems and networks from external & internal threats/vulnerabilities.

Course Content

--> Introduction to Ethical Hacking

--> Footprinting & Reconnaissance

--> Enumeration Techniques

--> Scanning Networks

--> System Hacking & Information Hiding

--> Malware Analysis

--> DDos, Packet Sniffing & Social Engineering

--> Session Hijacking

--> Webserver Hacking

--> SQL Injection / Database Hacking

--> Wireless Hacking (WIFI)

--> Mobile Hacking

--> Cryptography

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Transformative Journey with Vardaan

Embark on a transformative data journey with Vardaan Pioneering Data Sciences—where innovation maximizes data potential, optimizing operations and streamlining processes for data-driven decision-making

Dedicated to knowledge-sharing, our training programs provide practical skills in the ever-changing world of data sciences. As a consultancy, we bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, delivering trends analysis and dashboards using advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. Welcome to a future where Vardaan Data Sciences Service shapes a transformative path for organizations in the digital age

Transformative Solutions for a Digital Future

Unlock the power of data with our comprehensive data science services. From tailored projects that drive impactful outcomes to advanced products shaping the future of data-driven decisions, we offer training programs designed for diverse backgrounds and consultancy services transforming raw data into actionable insights. Experience a transformative journey where data becomes a strategic asset, guiding organizations through the complexities of the digital age

Our Services in Data Sciences

Vardaan Data Sciences Service excels in transformative projects, automating operations, creating efficient dashboards, and implementing user-friendly chatbots. Our focus on data-to-knowledge transformation ensures organizations harness the full potential of their data for strategic decision-making.

Our Data Sciences products include predictors, classifiers, cluster analyzers, and innovative offerings for Legal, HR, Pharma, Health Diagnostics, and Manufacturing. Vardaan commitment to innovation shines through in the development of AI chatbots and interactive dashboards.

Vardaan empowers individuals and organizations with hands-on training tailored for CXOs, professionals, and students. From 2-day CXO Workshops to 8-week Job Ready Courses, our programs enhance proficiency in leveraging data sciences for real-world applications.

Unlock the true potential of your data with Vardaan Data Sciences Consultancy. We bridge the gap between your business and the real world through trends analysis, dashboards, and advanced techniques, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

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